A way back to the light


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Awesome idea brother. Therapy is great. Very happy for you.

I'd suggest you try a couple of different ones and see which one you resonate the most with you. Good ones are the ones who have themselves gone successfully trough some tough stuff.

Much love


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Hey Neil,
How are things at your end ???
Its long time since we last heard you.
I wanted to press upon you to stay in touch .


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Hi all, its been a long time since I logged on. I have started therapy and it is going well. Right now there isn´t much more to tell except this; no-one can ever hand us the meaning in life we search for, we must decide for ourselves what the meaning of our lives will be. For each person it is different but in each instance that meaning can only be pursued by engaging responsibly with life. There is no other cure for the sadness and suffering that comes with life. I don´t want to suffer in vain anymore. Take care my friends and perhaps I´ll log on again sometime soon but for now I need to spend time in the world engaging with it so I might one day know the taste of true freedom.