I need to up my game.


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I feel the walls closing in, man. I'm getting closer to a relapse. Fuck, I don't want this.
It may sound absurd but what if at this stage we start thinking the opposite actually that the
“Walls are opening up and letting us escape “
I may be typing out of my mind . But that’s what we need I guess


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The way my cycle works is something like this: I binge, feel like a wreck and if I manage to abstain long enough, past 10 days, I start feeling better but it fluctuates, it's not constant. But anyway, where 10 days back I felt like shit, now after those 10 days I have hours where I feel better. But this is when I start feeling deprived of pleasure, I get frustrated, "Where is my sex life?" and then I relapse. And this is when I don't get drunk. Usually, I relapse earlier because of drinking, this is the scenario where I don't drink. I don't know how to keep going despise the frustration with staying away from my pleasure. Alright, I haven't relapsed yet but I'm walking a tightrope, I've been doing it since yesterday, one wrong step (a little peek, a little edging etc.) and I fall the fuck down.


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Escape, I've been following your posts the last few days and just wanted to say I'm so encouraged by your progress and determination. You're doing so great, hang in there and don't give in to the despair. You're strong, determined, and persevering, don't be fooled into thinking otherwise.


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I've been where you are bro. It's hard enough to quit one addiction, let alone two. I quit drinking three years ago and it almost killed me (no exaggeration)

It takes an incredible amount of personal strength and honestly to walk the path that you are walking, and that is all you. Nobody else. You.

If someone else who hasn't walked this path has anything to say about it, well, fuck em. They have no idea who they're messing with.

You got this.