علي عزت

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I am new and I read the book Your Brain Under the Influence of Porn and I watched many lectures on this subject, but I relapsed and I have been trying for two months and I have not completed 7 whole days since I started and I want you to support and encourage me and you


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I suppose things happen in their livesor they encounter a trigger and get back into it, thats all it takes to go under again.
I don't know but I have a theory that some people might have "the brain" for porn. It's like some people are more prone to become addicts than others, at least I have seen it happening. Me and my 1 year older cousin used to watch porn at the same time and even together, we used to do the same things porn related until he stopped and I'm here. I suspect that my fantasy obsessed brain had something to do with it. It wasn't much until porn that I watched started to create fantasies in my mind. I don't know, it could be the brain changes, the memory of pleasure or whatever that make people come back to it even after a long time or maybe just the fact that their brain has that "thing" for porn. It's just my guess and also curiosity.