Unable to stop jerking off watching ladies


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Hi everyone!
This is the first time I am posting here. The problem with me is that I am not addicted to porn per sec, but I like to fap sometimes, like once in a month by watching my neighborhood lady who is married and has a kid. She is so fucking hot that I can't resist me when I get a glimpse of her in provocative clothes. Earlier I used to fap a lot to her, almost every week, now that frequency is reduced to 0 or 1 time in a month. I have been practicing nofap since August of 2020. I must say I have gained a lot of control over myself, but sometimes I cannot get rid off. About myself, I am 24 years old virgin boy who has never had a gf. I am quite interested in experiencing sex once
I want to know if this addiction is better or worse than porn addiction because I feel nothing excited when I watch porn.


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Hi, the good news is that it is neither better nor worse than a porn addiction. Theyre both as bad as each other. Yours seems to be some sort of voyeurism kick, but the effects on your brain and sexual responses would be about the same. It is still artificial stimuli that you are using to get off, assuming that you look at her while jerking off.
If caught you could get into a lot of trouble, escpecially if you do it while her kid is present...🤢


You should change your focus from wanting to experience sex to learning to build a relationship with a woman, sex is a by product of that. Also you referred to yourself as a "boy", don't do that, you are 24 and that makes you clearly a "man". How you view yourself is important and is reflected in how you carry yourself. Women want men, not boys, so act like one. Also like Fappy said in regards to your Fap habit, you need to quit, especially if your actually watching this person while you do it, if you get caught you become a sex offender and you life takes a very shitty turn. Being a virgin or not being a virgin does NOT dictate manhood. Many boys have had sex and they are still boys, I was 25 when I got married and I had no prior experience before my honeymoon, in 1995.