Hello, fellow rebooters.
I am a 22-year-old male and I have been on this forum for the last 4 months or so. I was initially a 'lurker' but then I started participating in some threads and today I decided to open up my journal- just because I felt like it.

I have been addicted to pornography (tube sites) since I was 10 years old. Tried to give it up many times but couldn't successfully do so. In December 2020 I discovered that I have PIED because of my addiction. After that day I refused to indulge in pornography and have been successful at it so far. I have been on a streak of 123 hard-mode days right now. I did see significant progress with regular morning wood, random semis and days of feeling nearly fully cured. I have had 4 wet dreams- the first three porn-related with diminishing intensity and frequency and the last one being without any porn image. I haven't had MW in the last one week or so (though probably that's because I wake up a bit too far from my REM cycle). And I don't have a partner at the moment.

What are my goals for this journey? Well, to begin with, honestly I started it just to get rid of my PIED but now I understand that this is the opportunity for me to do a complete overhaul and transformation of my life and that is what I have been doing ever since. I do Yoga, meditation, weight training, hang out with friends each evening and talk to women on the phone (since - pandemic). I have started studying more and have my exams coming up in October.
My ultimate goal remains to have healthy PIV intimacy (without condom troubles since that was the case previously) and my immediate goal is to study for my exams and then find a partner to rewire with. I will be updating my journey here.

Good luck, everyone.
Okay, something a bit strange is happening. During the first 120 days of my hard mode reboot, I had a total of 3 wet dreams. After those 120 days, in the last 12 days, I have had 3 wet dreams. The pace of these wet dreams seems to have been accelerated all of a sudden and it feels weird. Wet dreams, I think send me back into a flatline for about 3-4 days. So it has become like a cycle- every fourth day that I am coming out of a flatline with really hard nocturnal and morning erections, it turns into a wet dream, sending me back (probably) into a flatline again. The last 3 dreams have not been explicitly porn-related so that's a good sign I guess. Anyway, I don't think they set one back in their recovery from PIED so I won't bother much about them.

Another thing happened. The last flatline had me feeling extremely terrible- like something was fundamentally broken inside me. And I couldn't take it anymore. I had very strong feelings of alienation coursing through my head, making me want to just cry and never stop. But I had to fight this feeling of alienation and decided to tell my Dad all about my PIED yesterday, 6 months after I discovered it. He was nothing but absolutely supportive of me sharing it with him and I am extremely grateful for that.

That's that folks
See you later.
Power and Peace