Numbing Your Emotions

One of the things I read about in 'Your Brain on Porn' was the effect that compulsion to use porn and masturbation had on your emotions; essentially, rewiring your brain's reward system numbs your emotional responses, and it's only after withdrawal that you start to feel your emotions more.

Have any of you experience of this? I am having more memories but identifying the emotions that go with them isn't easy. Obviously regret surfaces, that I hid the extent of my compulsion, or felt that I had, but I neglected my wife's needs, and damaged how she felt about herself.


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Yes, oh god yes. Part of my porn addiction was because i didnt want to feel emotions. it was a viscious cycle; porn fucked up my emotions and it turn made me want to escape them through more porn. Its a paradox. it gets way better though, and youre actually able to feel feelings again!
Yes, it happens. It happened to me too. The sole reason to watch porn became so that I could escape my emotions of stress. After quitting it feels like a reservoir of emotions had burst out in my heart. Still feel numb during flatlines but that's part and parcel of the game.