Hello.My name is Samuel and I have been struggling with porn addiction for 4 years now.It has reached the point where I am struggling to get an erection.This has clearly messed up my mind,confidence and has increased my anxiety.I have tried quitting for a while but doing it alone is so hard.I feel so embarrassed talking to my family or friends for help and I have therefore taken this step to go into this journey with you guys.
I have a girlfriend and she doesn't know I am struggling with this addiction.I really want to be better for myself and to have a good sexual experience with her.
I will be giving an update everyday on my journey.If you feel like you would give me some words of encouragement,I will really appreciate.I hope someday I can be proud to say I beat this addiction!!

This is will be my First day going without porn.

DAY 1🙏


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Yes Samuel , we are here together and your problems are no different from ours.
More strength to you .


Its been 24hrs and it hasn't been hard.It is the first day without it so I expected an easy one.
I haven't had any urges to watch porn or masturbate but all that has been in my mind the whole day is the thought of a better me,and I'll cling on to that for thriugh this whole experience
I know it will definitely get tougher as days go by but am determined to do it!!
A huge thank you to Ajinkya and Jana for the support.
We go again!

DAY 2🙏


Another day without porn and without masturbating.
I don't feel any big change but am guessing it's only the startam determined to do this!!
Again,thanks to Ajinkya for the support,I really appreciate it greatly.

We go again!!

DAY 3🙏


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Samuel , relapse is very normal.
I have myself relapsed innumerable times.
- write down exactly what happened,
- what triggered you, it will help you avoid relapses.
-Dont hate the feeling, feel it ,embrace it and restart.
ur never alone in this.


Thank you so much Ajinkya.
I am looking forward to making it right.
It felt bad at first but coming to think of it I had not invited the thought of relapse in my mind.
And it may actually happen..
I will make it right🙏


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you will relapse many more times, its part of the process. just learn from each one to avoid it next time