Losing erection 1 - 2 mins post arousal.


Hello everybody!
My first attempt was a month of nofap. Got through a brutal flatline with shrinkage, loss of libido and so on. During my second attempt I didnt have that brutal of a flatline. No shrinkage, high libido but ed and lack of morning wood. Im now on week 5 and whenever i try having the real deal with my so, i get a decent erection for like 1-2 mins and then it just goes away. No matter what i do i just can’t get it up afterwards. It’s like i need to wait some time(couple of hours) before my dopamine receptors „resensitize” again to achieve that arousal again. Is it normal and did anyone else experience that? Just curious. I do feel substantial improvements though. Now, I’m capable of getting hard without touch(short lived but still), which was impossible when i was at my worst. Thanks guys


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yeah sounds like a symptom of performance anxiety, obviously caused by your PMO addiction. you might still be worrying about wether or not you can maintain that erection.