20 year porn use, PIED from hell.


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thanks for coming back and updating us on your progress, floppy. im a 13 year addict that escalated into extreme genres of porn so i think i will be one of the ones right there with you that is going to take years to recover
Time for an update.
Last Sunday I managed to have successful sex after a two year wait. In that two years I did a year and three month hard mode, followed by a few months gently masterbation and then another 4 months hard mode. I have been porn free for two years and four months. Never going back!

I did take viagra but had the first successful sex before it kicked in. This was then followed by five more of the best sex I have ever had. It just wouldn't go down. The girl said most men only last a couple of min. I was doing 20 min at a time before cuming. She loved it.

Now I know it all works even with the help of a pill. This is definitely a building block to work on.

I have seen some improvements in the last six months but Sunday night confirmed it.

I have gone from not being able to get an election for a wank and cuming on a floppy to some of the best sex ever.

This has given me a massive confidence boost and I am now on the mend. Still got a way to go but my old cock works again. :)
Except for creatine, all of those supplements are worthless - if your diet is good, you are just wasting your money. So if you want my advice I would leave those out...but congrats on the 5 months clean! That's super awesome. I am the same age as you and know how hard this can be.

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I will give another update in six months. Hopefully, I might be cured by then. Things are looking good.
This story gives me hope. I have been about 6 years no P, but I always M'ed every few weeks to a weak erection... eventually had a girlfriend and for two years generally had sex with weak erections. Jump forward and I am single now and sticking to hard mode. No M for over 4 months now. Seeing you take time but still healing is what i needed to hear.


Congratulations I used to read about your deeds, I was also in PIED at the time, I thought you were a serious case, but it is a pleasure to see you in this place today, you also succeeded, it proves that what we are doing is right, no matter what, pornography is not right, harmful, if we have ever gone astray, but we now recognize it’s harmful, we have spent a lot of hard work to stay away from pornography, what we have to do is to stay in awe of him and help more people to realize the harm of pornography as soon as possible
Time for another update. I think I am about three years porn free. Only marginal improvements but not really had a chance to properly rewire. This is my target for this summer to meet a girl.

I was a very heavy cannabis user up until 11 days ago. Not really smoking but heavy on the oils and edibles. I had started to notice that I was developing mental health problems as a result. I don't think I have given the weed much of a break in the last 10 years. My research suggested that it was also affecting my dopamine receptors and it was also making me depressed. I decided to go cold turkey and gave myself a target of 30 days. 11 days in and further research suggested that 90 days abstaining from the weed would be more beneficial. So I am now going for that.

I now think porn and weed has damaged my brain over the last two decades.

This is my last hope.
Two weeks in after quitting weed I noticed that I have loads of night erections. I normally wake up a few times in the night for a piss. Now when I wake up I have a massive bonner. I am also getting more dreams. I have decided to go back in to hard mode for 30 days along side me abstaining from weed. For the last year I have been fapping three times a week to thoughts at night. Still porn free for three years. At least I beat my porn addiction.


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I read your thread man... read my thread about light therapy in success stories it changed my life as it will yours 100%...
I was a long time smoker aswell and gave up 8 weeks ago it made no changed...
I also had an awful experience with Ed pills about 6 weeks ago I will never do it again no matter what even if I had to chop my dick off... it effected my gut health forced a low stomach acid ... it like gave me a trauma event which I had released and had the small arteries to the heart reopened with kinesiology... I only took about 10% 15% of a Viagra pill... a very small bit and my reaction so bad there's side effects to thus stuff... you won't need the pills with the light therapy man