Don't hide it, confess it! ... to your son?

Many say that confessing to your partner your devastating PMO addiction is difficult, if not impossible. And if you have teenagers who are about to discover sex, isn't that just as difficult? How can you warn them of the dangers of PMO by hiding their addiction? It wouldn't be honest.


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thats a really dangerous thing to do, confessing your porn addiction to your son. it might fuck them up knowing their dad was into that... no way.
you can educate them about it, but be subtle. dont say that you have had the problem or still have the problem, they wouldnt be able to process it. maybe if the topic of addiction comes up you could mention that porn addiction is just as deadly and fucks you up as much as other addictions, and that it is "fake sex".
teenagers, escpecially boys, are going to look at porn. thats a fact and there is very little we can do to stop it. we can though, try to get it into their heads that it can be damaging to their mental health and that they wont get a girlfriend if they watch it!


From a son perspective, yes I would appreciate my father warning me about that world and what are the consequences of it. But no I wouldn't want to know that about him, it's his private life and problems.


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Its almost a double edge sword in a way. In my case my father was a big part in me becoming a porn addict. It was his collection that I first accessed. when I was perhaps 13 or 14. (I am now 50) So this was long before internet porn. I don't believe for one minute he became a porn addict from the small collection of magazines and vhs tapes. It was very limited. In my case at that time (mid 1980s) porn was a bandage for some problems I had as a teenager. I agree with Fappy in not admitting to your son you are/were a porn addict. I think it would be far better to just encourage positive living and give support to any positive endeavor they may have. Foster the opportunities for their success. If the question or topic does come up you can say you read articles online or elsewhere that porn can have devastating effects on some people and cause long term problems and explain the basic science behind it. I think that would have been far more valuable to me than to have my dad come and say he was an addict and was weak and so on. I would not have been able to look to him for advice on anything after that.


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My question is legitimate, I, for example, have never confessed to my daughter, my addiction, not even to my wife. Only here, in rebootnation, did I manage to find the courage. Thanks to this community, I now feel less alone and I am taking important steps. Your answer and that of Fappy, are of help for me and the whole community, in which there is an air of solidarity that, moreover, unites all of us drug addicts, in peace and freedom of thought, without any kind of racism. Thanks for the reply.