PIED & Fertility Doubts : Plaese help me with your ans and i am new here


Hi All ,

Advance thank you for your acceptance and suggestions regarding this issue.

About myself :

I am from India and my age is 28 almost 15 years of addiction i have, i discover masturbation at the earlier age around 13 -14 age and learn about porn also but started watching this crap around 18- 19 age regularly and now i am addicted like hell i can not focused on my goal and suffering in PIED past few months may be it years ago but have notice 3 month back after corona recover.

Questions :

1. Can i be father ? i am asking because of long period of PMO and is it possible this leads to infertility.

2. How can i recover from PIED : i am getting erection while watching porn but rest of my time my dick is dead even morning.
also while watching porn my dick is not fully erect like 70-80 % erect but at the time of ejaculation its 100 % erect I have notice.


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Typical PIED symptoms. Stop watching porn and avoid every other sort of artificial stimulation (webcam, telefone sex, readig sex stories, watching bikini pics on social media etc) and you will recover. It can take months and even more than a year to fully recover, but looking at your symptoms your case is not as severe as of many others here on the forum. You might have to abstain or to reduce M and sex for some time.
Porn should have no effect on your fertility.

You can find informaions about this topic here: https://www.yourbrainonporn.com/rebooting-porn-use-faqs/
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Hi MoreConfident,

I never did sex in my life and never encounter with real women
as I said I am from India and also from a small town hence as per our culture sex is forbidden sin before marriage.


I am on day 2 .

Day 1 has gone with +ve vibe,

No urges
Brain showing some disturbance pics to me but controllable


Day 4 : I am getting urges somehow manageable but sneak some hot pics then get back to the reality and stopped the crap...


Day 7... Urges are coming like tsunami..
I have controlled
Still no morning wood & libido
Waiting for flatline