90 days without PMO is just the first step

I agree with those who commented that after 90 days it almost always returns to addiction. Applies to all ages. The problem is that rewiring doesn't eliminate pornotoxicity. The aim is not the 90-day reboot. The reboot is like the service of the car before leaving on a PMO-free journey that will have to last until the end of our life. 90 days? 80 years of average life is almost 30,000 days. Many of us here have already spent more than half of it with PMO. It was easy to do, and now, when we realize that we have wasted thousands of days, we think about how cool it is to have lived 90 of them in sobriety! It's ridiculous. It's okay to pat yourself on the back, it's okay to celebrate with champagne too, but then you get back to work even harder. This is sobriety: easy to lose it, difficult to keep it for as long as possible, without excuses.