80 day stop PMO! Postive persistence of flatlines

Dear rebootnation friends, after my first 90 day streak completed in 2020, it is 569 days since I took over my PMO addiction, and in my 2nd 80 day streak, I am very positively evaluating the flatline. It is an indispensable help not to feel perpetually excited and I have finally become aware that it is a normal healing process. This morning my wife told me about her erotic dream where I was present, we caressed each other and my erection was 100% perfect without needing to be touched in the genitals and it was enough to smell his skin. This was the confirmation that the flatline is not about direct contact with my woman's body, but it is also a temptation that the brain puts in place to make you relapse, thinking of reigniting the fuse by watching porn or sex, virtual eroticism. In short, a double-edged sword. I chose the positive flatline