This website needs an application for those who want to delete the account.

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Some of us want to get out of here. I personally don't like this site. I have an account on another forum that is better (Your Brain Rebalanced).

In addition, this website is full of pornography and spam. This forum is not safe for those who want to stop seeing this type of content.

How to delete this account here ?

Gabe Deem

Staff member
Hey @Happy Recovery, there is not an option for members to delete their own account. Users have to request that their account be deleted.

This forum receives a lot of spam every single day, and I do my best to remove it as soon as I'm aware.

Would you like me to delete your account? Your Brain Rebalanced is a great forum, I've been a member there since it started. In any case, I hope the best for you wherever you go!