Weird sensation in balls after 30 days hardmore

Hi i got weird sensation in my balls and in penis shaft its not like pain but like strange sensation i dont know how to e xplain it but little discomfort, i thaught it was blue balls because of 30 days hardmore or because i edged few times near O, after that i O without porn with candom with only hip thrust no deadgrip and no fantasies 2 times i thought i would get rid of it but no.... have anyone experience something simmilar?


IF we're talking about the same thing, it might just be contractions of specifics muscles (those which "suck" the ball up or let it go down), it's very uncomfortable but from my experience and some other reports, it could last from 3 to 7 days, idk if it can come back from time to time after the initial time it happened, I'd guess yes, but it just happenned once to me.