Is there a connection between porn addiction and emotional dependency + emotional instability?


Hey guys, I'm gonna get to the point quick.

Whenever I am in a relationship, I'm only focused on the girl. I don't really care about anything else in this time. I do watch porn when I am in a relationship, but not so much. My whole emotions seem to depend on the girl and this is how I lost all my relationships - I pushed all my ex girlfriends away from me. I'm just wondering if being abstinence from porn could solve this problem?

The second question: I've gone through a lot of shit in December 2020 and in January 2021 I lost my girlfriend. I'm all alone right now, no family, no friends - she was all I had. From January to this August I've gone nuts several times. I wrote her letters and send her some messages (like "please come back and help me", and some manipulative stuff like "I'm going to change, and I did this and that"), and I regretted all of these actions afterwards. It was like that somebody else took control over me. I didn't recognize myself anymore and I feel very, very bad and shameful. I hate who I am.

Could both of these problems be related to porn addiction?

I don't get past the 7 days..

Thanks for reading
Hey man
You got it all wrong
Don't depend on any girl to be happy
You are the prize to be won
Do things that make you happy
Let her see that even without are still happy
Kind of be a better version of yourself

Also you are desperate man
Don't be desperate over a girl....she will push you away
There are plenty of options outside so don't stress yourself over one chick

The way you guys broke up.....that one is a past tense,try to improve yourself
Don't seek validation from a girl
That's obviously the bad stuff to do

I hope you understand the message am passing across
Have a nice day👌