Best blocker for P?

I’m really disappointed with net nanny. I recently tested it out on my husband’s computer, who is addicted to porn, and learned that it does not block explicit images/nudity on google images. It only blocks if you click on the image and go to a prohibited site. You can still see all the smut so it defeats the purpose of having a blocker. Also, the custom content filters are BS. I spent hours plugging in names of pornstars and potential triggers only to learn they all pop up on google images. Also, I don’t see a way to monitor what keyword searches he’s doing. I only get notified if he goes to an explicit website. Am I missing something? Is this how net nanny works? Is there a better blocker out there for porn addicts that allows the partner to control/monitor what is seen? I feel so defeated. I know I’ll never be able to make porn disappear completely but it’d be nice to block more of all the smut out there.


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There are a lot of people on here that use covenant eyes. A better place to ask the question would be the Porn Addiction thread. The men can tell you pros and cons of content blockers.
I've been using Cold Turkey Pro (it's a one-time purchase or at least for a couple of versions, but you don't really need to update that often I think). Works like a charm.