Libido & erection strength returns after reboot/flatline temporarily

I started my reboot about 2 months ago, as I had started dating someone and it was looking to become serious.

I stopped using my use of porn then, which for me was predominantly based around scrolling ads for and occasionally using massage parlours/escorts.

A month in and I well and truly experience the flatline, my libidio disappeared, my penis shrunk and all the other well documented signs.

Luckily my partner has been understanding, and so ive had time to let it heal.

About 2 weeks back my libidio came back with a vengeance one weekend, in the following days I had several amazing intimate times with my partner, a real female who was opening up to me on an emotional level. So things seemed to be better and my addiction luckily overcome.

However a few days ago I seemed to have lost the desire for sex with her, however at the same time I have strong sexual urges and thoughts/fantasies that are revolved around my previous prom addiction. I'm doing everything I can to let the thoughts pass over me and urges subside and focus only only giving my attention to sexual experiences with her, buy my mind seems determined to keep bringing

Has anyone else had a similar experience?


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yes i have. what i think is going on is that theres still some residual brain fuckery left over from your PMO addiction. it can hang around out of sight for a while after youve stopped and come out without you noticing. despite the emotional / sexy connection you have made with this person, you sound like youre "pornifying" her. that is, the emotional connection and sexual practices arent enough and you are putting her on a "porn pedestle" (made that up myself). thats your addiction speaking, ignore it. you have a good thing going, dont fuck it up by listening to your old addictive ways.
Hey Fappy, thanks for the response.

I think you are right, I think as its still quite recent (around 60 days) there still some residual pathways linking my old addiction with my arousal, more so than with my partner.

I agree I have a good thing going but disagree with on the 'pornyfying her', I actually think the opposite, as I'm not pornyfying her as I have done with woman in the past, its harder for my arousal with her to be as consistent and strong. That why when its been a few days with no ejaculation I have strong urges and thoughts linked to past my past PMO experience, its very difficult to try and block out the thoughts that keep popping back in my head.

I had a wet dream last night, I also had one 2 weeks ago when again my urges and desire for my past PMO habits were strong, however the following days I had more higher arousal and intimacy with my partner than I've had before. So maybe this new one is a good sign again.

I'll keep you all updated.
3 Months into my reboot, getting an erection for sex is happening more often, strong libidio returning but not the best morning wood

Fallen out with my gf and having strong urges so visited a prostitute for a blowjob, for me this is a relapse as this was my porrn before.

Feel terrible, just hope this does not hinder my progress