One day elimination test


I have noticed that reading and sharing about my addiction helps, no matter in how small of a way, but the journey seems positive. So, I recently read about this one day elimination test and I feel it is worth sharing since we all are aware that just deciding and quitting porn is just not happening! I have tried and rebooted uncountable times.

So here it goes,

Decide to cut down the addiction just for the day. 24 hrs. That's it. It can be reasonably easy to cut out a behaviour for 24 hours rather than a week or three weeks.
If you succeed, celebrate the success with someone close to you. Share with them if you can, else just celebrate your happiness in some way. Give yourself a treat, give a hug to your closed one. Share your happy moments of the day with someone. And if not anyone, share it with me and I'll share it with you, celebrate with you. Let's hold each other's hand and cross this river, one step at a time. Just let your mind be mindful about the reason behind your celebration. Remember my friends, 24 hrs is still a success over not trying at all.

Be Happy. Be Kind.