I’m 32 and Never ejaculated in a woman. I NEEDS Help!!!


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Hi guys, similar story to most of you. Started watching Porn at an early age and had no idea that it was hurting me. Masturbated every night thinking I was learning, little did I know it was causing harm. Had my first encounter with a woman aged 21 couldn’t get it up. I just put it down to fatigue, I hade no idea what damaged I caused. I always thought it was my lack of sex which caused that problem. I had another encounter with a woman and it happened again so at this point I got really scared. I bought viagra, it worked but I discovered I could feel anything and wasn’t really enjoying it as much as I would have liked.

I finally found a consistent woman which seem to cure my ED I didn’t need to used viagra but I still couldn’t ejaculate and all this time I had no idea that it was porn that had caused it. I had gone long spell without porn thinking when I do get a woman it will miraculously start working again. I am looking to setting down and have children but my biggest fear is that I will never be able to have one.


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always when I was consistently with a partner I never thought about porn. I partner was generally enough. Maybe thats my problem.

there is someone I’m seeing now. We are yet to have sex and a bit hesitant to tell her about my problem.
Guys any help will be appreciated.


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Not sure how much help I can offer here other than to say, yes, porn probably is a big part of your problem and that, yes, you should abstain from masturbation and porn and eventually you will most likely be able to have intercourse with ejaculation.

I'm 53 and for the last 10 years I've been dealing with PIED. It got really bad and I couldn't ejaculate, but I also started to have the same issues with porn and masturbation. I am sure my issues stem from porn. I've always had a bit of performance anxiety with a new person. Even when I was younger. But once I got comfortable, I could masturbate four times in a day and still have sex to completion. It got worse and worse as I got older to the point where nothing would happen.

Stay away from porn and masturbation, relax and enjoy your new person. Probably letting them know that you have some anxiety would help and that you want to take it slow. Just engaging and enjoying each other will make things so much easier.

Good luck. Keep us informed on how it's going.


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Thanks for the advice. Yes I’ll take it a day at a time and have began to abstain from Porn and Masturbation. Thanks for the support.