Question about relapse.


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Ok so I relapsed after long streak, I can't tell by days because I don't count them but am sure that I was like 6 months on this journey. So yeah my question is: Is my all progress gone? Because I relapsed without porn, fantasy, I was just horny AF. And also I didn't ejaculate because I used kegel method.


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you didnt watch porn or fantasize about porn, or ejaculate?
doesnt sound like a relapse to me.
I don't know how accurate this is, so if I am in the wrong here feel free to correct me, but in my mind giving up porn was like doing exercise and eating a good diet to get into shape.

After 6 months of solid, consistent exercise, if you stop exercising for a short period, you don't just return to the shape you had 6 months prior. You just stumble backwards a little.

However, like watching porn, eating unhealthily and doing no exercise is easy to succumb to and that 6 months of struggle may not have progressed you far if you retreat back into your habit for a long period of time.
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i would say no , u haven't lost ur progress but ur in danger of getting into a loop....u just have to close it in & get back to whatever you were doing in the previous months.