Started reboot because PIED was massive shock for me

Hello , Day 65 im 26 years old i was virgin till 24 never had succesfull penetration till now, i had manny oportunities to have sex before, but my mindsent was i dont care about outside pressure at which age i should lose virginity i will do it on my own terms when i want it, the main reason why i didint wanted it really bad becasue i was busy with my hoobies porn was easy to access and i didint wanted to invest time in woman, and most woman wasant really atractive to me thats probably because porn already fucked with my head. So first time had sex was with one fat girl in the car and ofcouse i had mixxed performance anxiety + pied i had errrection while i was driving and thinking about sex but later when we went to sex my dick went limp i can keep my erection for oral sex but for vaginal sex it was to soft. I remember i tryed to laugh it out when this happned but this was really massive shock for me and i went home thinking about ti all night, and other times i had sex it was same results my dick not hard enough for penetration. So it was really big shock for me till now i fell massive preassure from familly from friends who tell me where is your girlfriend and i need to keep everything to my self i dont want to talk about it so i try to write here to you guys. I am now on 65 days streak 3 MO i also did some edging but now i understand its not good and i need to stop i also feew years before starting rebbot was feeling low libido my testosteron lab test arre over the norm tho, so i think thats mainly because of porn all i want to have is fammily girlfriend and normal life, the benefits i feeling now is i can get errection with imagination my libido is now lower but i think thats becasue i went to flatline i have moorning errections tho i allways had them, and my errection deffinetly felt more full, strong, bigger then i was on hardmore. So to be honest i feel big big preassure from outside i want to be over and fixed ASAP but i will take it as long as it takes because i want to live normal lifestyle live everyone so i think this is the mindset before you go to relapse think is it worth it if you keep doing this you may never enjoy real sex or have familly with kids.