Anyone struggling with anger management too?

I have had a bad temper and irritability issues as long as I could remember, even longer than my porn addiction. I grew up as an angry kid throwing tantrums a lot and being angry and frustrated. Although weening from porn can make me irritable it is not the sole source of this problem. I have had rage episodes where I have broken things and screamed. Lately, my wife is tired of dealing with my irritability, as she is mostly the one who receives all of it, pretty much every day. She says that I can make her feel stupid and insignificant, which is how I have felt growing up when my father lashed out in anger and irritability towards me. My issues with anger are very deep seeded and I can't ignore them anymore. Does anyone else deal with these issues? Can anyone recommend some advice/resources to deal with anger management?


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Seeked out a therapist! I mean it, I think that's a serious issue and unfair towards your wife, but an hard to change habit.
Also learn breathing exercises to calm you down. I've never been aggressive towards others, but more towards me, but I know that hardly controlable urge to throw/break stuff and just let out the anger. But when it's directed at others it is way worse, mostly when it is towards your family. Also, learn to take yourself out of the situation when you feel anger is coming up to calm yourself. If you want to talk about things you know your temper would go through with you, try writing them down instead for the other person.
Also meditate.
Thank you guys for your replies! I started seeing a therapist and now two sessions in. I‘ve been trying to get into the habit of meditating everyday but having trouble with being consistent due to my work schedule. I suppose I should make it an evening habit also when I can’t get some time in the morning.