Cam Girl Addiction: From Financially Savvy to Buried in Debt


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Have you thought about taking a plunge into unknown waters . i e blocking your favorite cam sites on internet router using parental controls on router admin page , and paralyzing access patterns embedded in your mind and finding comfort with it ?

It has helped me reduce my spend from $75 per quarter to $2 per quarter .
It was a game changer atleast financially for me .

please do think about having to deal with always on access to cam sites on high speed internet Vs limiting your access to LTE or 4/5G speeds for cam site access . It’s extremely frustrating to be hooked on cam sites on a mobile network . There is a risk that I might reset router to erase all rules I have built into it . But that has never happened as I prefer not to configure every other internet connected appliance in my household with a router reset . at least worth a try to experience the feeling you get when all those sites are blocked on router and you loose your password to admin router page .

Think about it give a deep thought if router parental controls is going to benefit your journey in anyways , even if not for reboot impact at least for cutting down financial impacts of cam sites on your life .

if the answer is “yes” then definitely “take the plunge” and “go for it
I didn't know that was possible. I am too tenacious when I block things. I have not found a way to block something that I could not find a way to unblock at some point.


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Congrats on your progress. Remember why your doing this. Remember who is the one doing this, meaning identify with the person who has quit, and find healthy substitutes - get addicted to them instead.


This is great news! Keep it up. Now that you have stopped P, PMO, and other destructive habits, now is the time to replace them with constructive habits. For me, P and PMO was a way to medicate feelings of fear, anger, loneliness, and other resentments. For me, stopping was easy. But staying stopped proved impossible unless I replaced destructive habits with constructive ones. Unless I make a true connection with another human or a power greater than myself, I was eventually going to go for the false connection that PMO promises, but cannot deliver. Your are probably already doing this, but I posted this comment in case it may be helpful for someone reading this thread.