Hii I first encountered porn when i was about 12 currently i am 15 and badly wanted to leave pmo firstly it's nothing but a fun but slowly it became the worst part of my life i just relapsed about 5 minutes ago in the last 18 days i mastrubated 6 times means 1 in every 3 days the main reason I wanted to control pmo is that i am losing confidence i am not able to talk with girls i have small friend circle but after all my friend circle is one of the best leave it for now i know how devastating it can be if i dont leave so i want some advice that how can i control my last trigger was that i was searching someone's I'd on Instagram and then a account shows in search bar you know what type of account i am talking about i opened i didn't wanna watch the posts but i could not stop myself then after i opened browser searched it and now i am regreting
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Hii I have successfully encountered day 1 the firat was not that hard because i was a little bit busy so i dont get time to pmo but after all i have completed the day 1

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Keep going! You can do it! Good for you for working on this at such a young age. Make sure you are hanging out with your friends, exercising, and doing hobbies that don't involve the internet.
I know I have completed the 3rd day too but I know that the most difficult phase will be infront of me within 4-5 days this is where I loses my confidence my will power breaks but I will give my best this time
Today is my day 5 after completing 4 days it's still going well and I don't think that I will mastrubate within next 8-9 days due to navratri a Indian festival lasts for 9 days currently I am sitting in the room where God is sitting to i.e. images so happy navratri to all of my friends all over the world may god bless you too
Feeling good after completing 1 week of streak i know it's gonna be more dificult now but I believe in myself and I know I will control it
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I am here with a broken heart no i didn't mastrubated again I am sad becuase rcb is disqualified from playoffs but the streak will countinue #8dyas
I know I am late today because today is very difficult my mind was trying to trick me from morning to watch porn but somehow I managed not to watch it btw completed 9 days
Okay so I am here after a day long break actually I was tense about my today exam so j just forget to come here but I can say that I am just at a distance of two days from achieving 2 weeks of no fap