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Hi guys! Brand new here. Currently on day 17 of no POM. I’m 35 years old and in pretty good health overall. I first noticed signs of ED at age 25, so immediately began using viagra. My ED has progressively gotten worse over the past decade. I rarely get morning wood, and when I do it’s weak. I also don’t get random erections anymore. I might get morning wood on average once every 2 weeks. I don’t feel like I have a porn addiction, but do think porn played a role in my ED. I watched porn on average once per day for an average of 15 min. I used to get HUGE dopamine blasts for real sex and the pursuit of it. I no longer get those huge dopamine surges for the real thing and have a very low libido. I can still get it up with viagra, however, I no longer wish to rely on the pill. I want to heal. I also feel like there’s basically no connection between my penis and brain, and emotionally I’m not healthy. I don’t think I’m capable of feeling good positive emotions for a woman. I was deeply in love with a girl at age 18 but haven’t been in love since. I’ve had about 200 sexual partners in my lifetime and feel like overstimulation from that has been the biggest contributor to my ED. I can still occasionally get an erection for sex with a woman without viagra, although I don’t trust that I can do this consistently. I have a long history of hypersexual behavior and it literally consumed my life for a LONG time. With the dip in libido, I’m no longer consumed by it. I am concerned that if I do successfully reboot, that I’ll return to my sexually compulsive behaviors of the past. Anyone else have similar issues? I’m trying to reboot to fix the ED and then once returned to a healthy baseline, I plan to address the hypersexual behavior (I.e. many partners). Am I on the right path here? Any advice, help, info is much appreciated. Thanks guys!


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Yeah I think so. The porn is the first thing to handle.

Another thing that should help with both is REPLACEMENT. Find some of what you get from the hyper sexual behavior and aim to replace it with other things.

For example a big thing for me was EXCITMENT - doing more sports and adventurous activities satisfied some of my strong desire for excitment and made it easier for me to avoid porn and some other sexual behaviours