28 Year old kissless virgin and a porn addict recovery.

Hey so my previous post was a few months ago I made it after not being able to get it up in my first few sexual encounters after being a virgin with porn addiction my whole life.

Initially I first thought my Issue was PIED, and went on the path of rebooting and wiring and all of that jazz, but something just didn't feel right about the process, i know countless people who masturbated and still had successful sex. So instead of just self diagnosing with PIED i seeked professional help about a 6 weeks into my porn/masturbation abstinance.

I saw a Sex therapist who from our first session told me that Porn had nothing to do with my ED because she believed there's no such thing, and that it was purely just performance anxiety because of unnatural expectations I placed on myself. She told me to stop associating my issues with porn. After a few sessions with her i went on tinder and started trying again, she mentioned to me that Viagara will help my issue because I was able to get erections they just wouldn't last more than 5 seconds. so I got a prescription, and tried it in a one night stand and everything worked great (that was on a 50mg dose) and I managed to finally lose my virginity. Then i met someone else on a more long term bases and we started having sex frequently with the aid of viagara, but after a few times i started lowering the dose, first i'd cut the pill in half, then a third, then a forth, eventually I started having sex without the pill, despite ending my masturbation and porn abstinance before the magical 90 day period. My ED is now fixed, turns out it had nothing to do with porn, or maybe porn was a contibuting factor but the major issue was Anxiety and additional anxiety induced by my self-diagnoses. I still cut down on porn because it makes me crave actual sex more and it helps keep my expectations in check for what actual real life sex is like.

So in short my advice is to seek professional help, sometimes spending hours reading and watching videos to confirm you internet self-diagnoses might actualyl cause your problem to stick around for longer, i've seen stories about people taking over 6 months to years of of no porn or masturbation while actively working with their partners to fix these issues. My ED was fixed relatively quickly especially considering my starting point was the absolute extreme relative to most of the stories that I read on this site and others ( 28 years, masturbated daily to porn, kissless virgin).

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Happy for your success, @Late2TheParty

Just to be clear, you quit porn/masturbation for over 6 weeks and began rewiring, and you still cut down on porn because you feel it makes you more motivated for real sex. I'd caution telling people on a porn recovery forum your problem had nothing or little to do with porn.

Question: Did you do the porn-induced erectile dysfunction test? Meaning, did you see if you can easily masturbate to climax without porn or porn fantasy?

In any case, hope the best for you moving forward.
Yeah when I first did the test I could only masturbate to porn fantasy in my head, but now I can do it by just thinking about sexual encounters I've had or just thinking of my partner, I just needed to have a few successful encounters to get rid of the anxiety that resulted from me falling into a negative feedback cycle where I associated so many factors with my ED that it just became this mental block in my head. but getting the boost of help from Viagra just to get me going initially helped ease the anxiety and eventually cure my ED.


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However bad youre feeling now, porn will make it a whole lot worse.
Porn has EVERYTHING to do with your ED, given your history and "motivations" to watch it.
Quit now while you still can!
However bad youre feeling now, porn will make it a whole lot worse.
Porn has EVERYTHING to do with your ED, given your history and "motivations" to watch it.
Quit now while you still can!
Thanks, I don't really watch porn as much now as I can masturbate to just thoughts in my head. It's just not as satisfying for me anymore after experiencing the real thing. But having an actual professional confirm to me that my issue was just performance anxiety really helped me relax about this whole porn thing. That shit occupied my mind 24/7 I used to freakout when ever I came across some nudity on twitter or Instagram, which made my anxiety and ED even worse. Accepting the fact that sometimes I'm just going too horny and watch porn and that it's ok helped me tackle my issue with a much more calmer attitude.

Also, unsure what part of my post made you think I'm feeling bad, I'm feeling very good about the fact that my ED is cured.