It was a good decision


I started watching porn when I was 14.
Sure it was new and I watched many clips, but then I reduced it for a long time.
Now I’m in the middle of the twenty’s…. My best time and found this forum, because a few months ago I started to get a very strong PIED and it was terrible. I thought “WTF, what’s going on? What’s that?” at the same time I met someone, who’s really insightfully, because my hole life was really horrible… specially the last months.
I’m now at week three and got a totally flatline, but on the other side to start the NoFap Program was the best choice, because I really feel better and there are some results for upcoming weeks and be patient, that I got my “health” back soon
And thank you for this Chance to be a better me :)


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well done mate.
three weeks is a lot! youve got a good attitude too, take it slowly and be patient. it will work, just let it happen.