Day 40


Day 40 today...I can't believe I've gone 40 days no PMO... And only MO once... My partner has been so supportive so I owe alot of my success so far too him... Not a whole lot of changes.. Still have my morning wood as always have... Some random half erections during the day... Libido really hasn't increased any... Not depressed... Week 4 of being back to the gym which I try to do 4 mornings a week.. Been taking black ginger for three weeks... Definitely helps in the gym and I believe even down below... My flaccid penis is definitely more plump than it used to be..idk.. Other than that not allot of changes taking that supplement. Just thought I'd try it...I used Cialis years back and while it worked great I just hate taking that stuff... So, camping this weekend so will be great to get out into nature and relax...I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.