Massages during reboot


Does intimate massages (Nuru) help during a reboot? Does it help in redevelopment of affinity towards real women in our brains over porn? Will it boost our reboot process and help cure PIED quicker?


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hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm depends on whos doing the massaging? is it your partner? if so, then it could help as you would be getting stimulation from them. the goal is to respond sexually to a real person not pixels.
or is it at one of those "special" massage parlours? also does "nuru" refer to the one where they lube up their whole body and slide around naked on you? ive only heard things, never experienced it.
id be very careful with going to a massage parlour and getting such a massage from the women there. although its with a person, its getting into some dangerous objectification territory as her only purpose and worth to you is getting you off wiht a massage


Yep, that's pretty much what a Nuru is, you're right!
However what you said towards the end, makes a lot of sense, now that I think of it. I haven't tried it myself but with the whole 'get real' thing going on, I thought this might help.


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It is an opportunity to positively impact your body as if to reboot and get a flow of the most positive energy. It is important to understand that erotic massage is not only entertainment - it is not only an opportunity to do something new but a really healthy procedure. The aim of the masseuses is to create a pleasant atmosphere for each client and really help the clients' bodies work properly. These are specialists who have undergone the necessary training and have several years of experience - they perform the massage perfectly and allow the body to adjust its work
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