I cant help to fantasize with a romantic relationship with a femenine tranny


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I was 28 when i first experimented with a guy. He was my stylist so i had some familiarity with him. He was older than me and even though i ended up loving cock more than i ever imagined i still couldnt get horny with regular guys. I started watching trans porn around my early 20 s and got hooked. I still love women, specially bbws but i cant get this fantasy of having something more personal with a young trap. I ve tried to get into manly guys like me but cant do it! I like to be pleased also but i need the femenine size of the trans. In an ideal world i would live in a secluded beach with my baby and a couple of her "special friends" who are always willing to make me and my guest happy What i like the most about trannys are the no bulsbit, to the point scenario and also that tbey pack delicjous candy for me to lick...
I'm not understanding your question here? I can see you are new but this is a forum to deal with porn addiction. You said that you have been watching tranny porn since your early 20s so it's very likely that this is the reason that you continue to fantasize about it.


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doooooooont really understand your problem...? apart from being addicted to tranny porn. stop watching it. its not doing you any favors.