How to get involved with meditation?


Meditation is something I really would love to get involved with, I’ve heard a lot of life changing stories. I just don’t know how, all of the apps are expensive. I don’t mind spending the money and investing into myself, I just need some guidance on what app to go with or what direction to take? Thanks and stay strong everyone


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I started with guided meditation and are now doing meditation with only music. For both I just use YT. Meditation is a great way to improve willpower, because it won't be easy in the beginning and you have to push through it. If you think it will be a great experience from the beginning: maybe it won't. For me it was very hard at the beginning to just do nothing. But it is worth the effort and helps with abstaining from p.


I started using an app called Simple Habit a few weeks ago. The free version has a bunch of (mostly short) guided meditation courses, which so far seem pretty good.