Persistent fear of going into deeper categories

I got started watching tranny porn after an ad popped up on my screen about a year and a half or more ago now. That was when I started to get a little more serious about learning about porn addiction. Since then I have gone deeper into it and even sometimes fantasize about having sex with a tranny. I realize that I have this fear and shame surrounding it that does not serve me but instead, I go deeper into the addiction (tranny gangbangs, gay porn) in order to deal with my emotions and the fact the regular tranny porn no longer satisfies me the same. Has anyone here ever been through this?
I second what canguro said, escalation of content is a common thing and it's happened to me too. It's how your brain guides you towards getting a new high with each session. Therefore the P that you are consuming isn't actually reflective of your true sexuality, and once you distance yourself from P those cravings will start to go away.
Yeah, I've looked a lot into your brain on porn and the addiction process so far it has just been actually stopping that has been the hard part for me.


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stopping is the easy part. just stop. dont look at it. its all the things that happen AFTER that that is hard. but the symptoms experienced from stopping pale in comparison to the benefits, its well worth it to try and stop before it gets out of the control.