Shoulder and wrist pain from jerking off

Like most guys on here, I've suffered from ED as a result of chronic porn and fapping. And that's the number-one reason I'm again taking up no-fap (this is day one for me). But that's not the only bad health habit porn has had on me. It's also gotten in the way of my efforts to hit the gym and get in shape.

I've struggled with recurring joint pains (not because of porn; it's just old overuse injuries and tendonitis) over the last seven years, mostly in my right shoulder and left wrist. Done some physical therapy for each. But it seems like whenever I resume jerking off repeatedly, my shoulder or wrist pain (depending on the arm I'm using) flares up again. And so, if I've been doing weight training for a few weeks and been making progress, I have to lay off the weights and all that progress disappears.

So the benefits I'd get from not fapping aren't just better sexual functioning, but also finally getting muscle tone again and having an upper body I can be proud of and not embarrassed about. A lot to look forward to. But I'll have to get through these next 90 days of white-knuckling to make it happen. So far, I've never been able to make it that far. But here's hoping I will finally muster the strength to succeed.
Day 2. After a few fits and starts, I’ve made it through a full 24 hours of no PMO. I’m structuring my days to make sure I’m getting enough sleep and I’m putting in time to meditate twice a day. Staying well rested and maintaining a clear, aware mine are essential for me at this point in my journey. And I’m finding ways to distract myself from porn. Like yesterday, when urges hit me in the afternoon and I was at my laptop, I chose to log onto a Chess website and play a game (which I won). The mental stimulation of a competitive chess match is a much better outlet for me than is the smut.