penis pump serious injury after porn...

So this happened after porn, of course... But it's impossible to come back and time and don't do it..


Hello. My name is Peter 28 years old and I'm from Poland. I decided to write here, because i have a bad injury since 3 years after penis pump.

I used Bathmate with too much pressure or for too long and I have red spots on my glans. Probably destroyed broken vessels under glans.

Bad look is not the worst, the worst is pain! I feel pain every day: itching, pricking, pinching. How to get rid of this? I don't want to have this all my life...

I've been to many doctors and spend a lot of money, but without any result. I see probably 20 urologists. Some of them said that i have this pain in my imagination or they laugh.. They thought that I have this since I was born. Total bulshit! I did penile MRI and X-Ray.. MRI shows little bit destroyed vessels in the left side of the shaft, but i don't know if this is true.

Some doctors laugh, some doctors say these are destroyed nerves, some say these are destroyed vessels. Different versions all the time of what it's actually happening...

When I feel pain? In most cases, in the flaccid state. Every 2-3 minutes in a day, so it's a lot of pain! I'm driving and I feel it, I talk with friends and I feel it.. All the time since 3 years!

That was my biggest mistake to use Bathmate with strong pressure, but it can't be undone. How to get rid of this pain totally or just ease it at least? I will be very thankful!

My advice to someone who wants to buy penis pump: think five times about it, because i'm not lying and i feel huge pain every day since 3-4 years...

I don't know if this forum allows to publish pictures, so i won't do it - if anyone wants to see my "problem" and help me somehow - then please write to me e-mail piotrbijoch @ onet . pl

All the best, thank you

Pump victim

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-If you and your doctor didn't sure about potential damage in your penis due to bathmate pump. So where is your Injury.?!
-What about your xray is That doppler?
-Do you abstance from fapping for 3 Months at lest?
Please update.