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  • Are there any tried-and-true techniques for rewiring your brain to be turned on by real people? I've seen a lot of talk of rewiring but not a lot of concrete advice
  • What about MO during sex, such as while looking at my partner? Would that help or hinder my progress?

-theres a lot of anecdotal evidence that rewiring is not necessary for recovery. while im sure it can be very helpful to reintroduce realistic sexual stimuli instead of artificial, the brain should still be able to go back to normal given enough time away from PMO. This makes sense logically i believe because when we are growing up in adolescence and dont have sexual experiences, we still have feelings of sexual attraction towards others. Therefore there was no active "wiring" in the first place, it was already programmed into our neural circuitry.

- i would say avoid MO all together, regardless of what youre thinking about or what youre looking at. its likely that you are making your genitals less sensitive by doing that anyway. this is the case especially for us guys who often develop a "death grip" type of way to pleasure ourselves but im sure can be true of females who use their hand or toys etc. i like gabes saying: if it aint real (sex), no deal!