Up and down ED


Alright fellas,
I’ve got a situation and I’m not sure the best way to proceed. Although I take viagra if I know sex is coming, I’m otherwise healed from PIED. My libido is back to where it was when I was 18. Here we are though, back to square one. My spouse’s libido isn’t matching up to mine. If you've read my entire journal then you're familiar. Apparently just her removing her meds hasn't put her on the same level as me desire-wise. I’ve been dropping both subtle hints and blatant statements. It hasn't been terribly long since we've been intimate....only 10 days or so, which for a married couple in their 40's isn't too shabby. So far, she hasn't gotten irritated or pissed off at my hornyness, but I'm afraid it's just a matter of time. Before, I killed my libido and desire with porn. If I bring up anything sexual she typically just doesn't respond to it. I blatantly told her (via text) how I was feeling today, left very little to the imagination.....told her that I wanted her. Her response = "oh", followed by 40 mins of silence before I joked "you loved reading that so much you've been rendered speechless"

So, I need some advice. It's 100% hormonal as I can sync up her desire with her cycle pretty accurately. My issue is that in the past I would have just went to porn and taken care of myself. Clearly that's not an option these days. I have been MO'ing either fantasizing about her or just focusing on sensation alone. I'm beginning to get irritated with her over it though. Irritation with her will most definitely start a fight at some point and I'll end up being the one to take the blame.

I need some coping strategies here or some type of way to tame the "animal" lol. My libido is back, I'm crazy turned on by my wife, my advances are more often than not unwelcomed. I've been rebooting for so long. I'm ready for a normal, regular sex life. I just don't know how to bring it up in a way that will get any results. It's time for sex when SHE wants sex. But when she doesn't, I'm an asshole for wanting it.

Thanks guys.

Man I'm so jealous of how well your libido has recovered. Mine is still fucked and all over the place..

I'd make sure you distract yourself. Try to find things to do instead of thinking about sex. Otherwise you will revert back to porn.

Hope you're doing well mate.


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I'm got the desire that's for sure. Confidence is still shot. I'll not be going back to porn. Appreciate the support dude! You'll get there