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Hey man, good you are feeling so great at the moment, but be aware that this will not last forever! Not being a porn addict does not mean feeling like a king all the time, so don't be disappointed when the feeling goes away and you feel more normal again, as you are getting used to being more mental clear, focused etc. =) The changes will stay, but as I said, you will get used to it.
Stay strong!
I’ve been reading your journal and your recovery sounds alot like mine. I’ve been on and off this site for almost a year. I made a quick recovery after my initial push. My sex life was back to normal and things were great! I discovered my Achilles heal is chatting/other online activity. My flat lines come and go as does my libido. I’m currently started a new reboot since I’ve noticed some issues from when I originally started (no mornjng wood, only getting hard with fantasy/chatting) and some issues with sex with my wife. So a hard reboot it is! Just sharing this to tell you don’t get discouraged with the low libido/random flatlines. It happens and you will overcome it. The program works, just gotta work the program. Right here with you, man!


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Keep it up man. You’re doing great. Flatline is fucked. Literally one of the worst experiences of my life. Like you, my recovery went great quickly. We went too hard in the paint with sex one weekend. I came too much. Massive flatline, could not get it up again. That was about a month ago. We haven’t tried for sex since. I’ve been on hard mode since.

you know, 4 months ago the idea of not watching porn seemed crazy. 2 months ago, the idea of not masturbating seemed impossible. Although I will admit that I’ll occasionally touch myself and get hard, I don’t come close to O and screens are NEVER involved. It’s been Surprisingly easy to do.

The day that scares me is that day off in the future when my dick is fully functional again and I think everything is ok. Right now I can’t fuck so motivation is easy to come by. But what happens when I’m convinced I’m better?


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Oh, couple of replies here. Nice! It's interresting to read other peoples stories.

Since my last post here things have turned better. About one week of flatline + semi good sex with my lady. Today i woke up with nice morning wood and sex drive. Things are definetly getting better.

I don't expect to have MW tomorrow but it's super nice to notice it's starting to work again like it's supposed to.
Glad to hear you’re having some success!! I literally just got done posting about some success I had. I’m so happy for you dude!! It’s a weird experience isn’t it? Like, idk. Just normal things like MW or feeling a libido. Thins i didn’t even realize we’re gone until they started coming back.