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Hi, The PA Dictionary is renamed to The Flying Eagle Method

There is also an EPUB version, and you can print it to PDF. (See the Introduction section for the EPUB link.)

All feedback is appreciated, from those who read it!
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I've been very busy on the site this week. I added 3 new concepts, and did many other updates and prettying up. 150 days free from porn today, I love having this energy! Here are the 3 new concepts:


A part of your brain, the basal ganglia, is your autopilot.
It does things without you thinking about it, like navigating routes you frequently walk or drive.
It frees up the rest of your brain to think about other things.

You should expect 3--4 months for your "autopilot" to completely forget about using porn.
You may think that is a long time, but it's not. It's barely longer than a season, such as spring or summer.
A season will be gone before you know it, and then you will feel and behave like a completely different person.

Your autopilot will soon be helping you stay on the right track.


If you are younger than 25, I have bad news for you: your rational
brain is probably not finished developing. Car insurance and rental companies
know this. The army knows this. Scientists doing brain scans of the prefrontal
cortex have figured it out too -- on average, it stops growing at age 25.

I did really crazy things during the 13--24 age range. Most people do, because their
feeling brain is running wild and seeking thrills.

However, it is especially important not to do drugs, alcohol, or porn when your
brain is still developing -- it is more vulnerable and impressionable.


Did you know that female barn swallows will mate with a rejected male if you use a
felt-tip marker to darken his chest feathers?
Did you know that male jewel beetles have sex with a brown beer bottle instead
of willing females, or that male wasps have sex with orchid flowers because
they look like female wasps?

In the age of Cleopatra there was eye liner to make eyes appear bigger, and
lipstick and blush to apply reddening. I hope you don't think human brains are
very different from those animals!

The modern world gives us unprecedented technology, abundance, and population
density. We see supernormal hair and beauty products, clothes such as spandex and
underwire bras, extra sweet, salty, acidic, caffeinated, or crunchy foods, and
limitless entertainment and sexual imagery -- even sex dolls.

There is nothing normal about today's world. Our limbic (feeling) brains are
all stumbling around -- sometimes you just have to laugh!

-- C Smith
Author of
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Hi Carl, i've read your book and it is a great book to read. I wonder is there any PDF or Epub version of your book?


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Added the 40th Concept!


After quitting porn, I noticed I was wearing nicer looking clothes that I hadn’t felt like wearing in years, when going out in public. It felt good to look good again. This was another natural high that I had lost due to my addiction.

The stereotype of a coomer looking like a slob is true, because dopamine desensitization makes them not care about or spend any time on their appearance.
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