Day 113 no pmo


Almost at my 120 Mark.. Honestly can't believe I've made it this far... So happy that I have.. But I'll be honest, was hoping for more results.. Like sex drive. That hasn't changed a whole bunch... Erections are definitely there and I can easily get one just by laying there and fantasizing... No touching. Also when partner and I are at it the erection is there much faster and harder and stays there.. reaching orgasm is also much easier as I feel I do have more sensitivity. I'm just going to keep going with no PMO. I do MO maybe once a week. Even during that erections are definitely harder and it's much more enjoyable.. Thank you everyone in here for support. So glad I found this site.


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If you want more sex drive I recommend less MO. Maybe you don’t need it if you have a steady partner. My personal opinion is MO is part of the addiction, not the worst part, but definitely a factor.


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Congrats on 4 months!

I've found that the less frequent I have sex, the more enjoyable it is. Quality over quantity? Like my wife and I do it every 4 weeks or so, but holy cow I was tired for like 6 hours after the last time. Sex is a drug, it has a comedown.