Rebirthing a positive outcome


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Hello, I'm Raedrion, and I've struggled with sexual tendencies since age 4. now I'm 25 years of age. 8 years down the drain with addictive tendencies. I attempted to end my life because of the pmo addiction but, yet I'm still attached to my old ways and for some reason, I can't let go and I would love to move past these chains and find solace. Peace!!


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Rebirthing is cool, I’ve done it. But you need to retrain your mind to fight this addiction. Don’t give up. Make a complete commitment on a small step forward, and honor yourself when you succeed. Feel free to read my Turtle Journal. There’s a lot of good ideas in there.

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Porn is such a mess, and its fucked with our minds in so many ways. Glad youre alive and doing something to get away from this shitty habit.
Its a hard addiction to fight but knowing that you can and want to be better is a great first step.

Something that worked for me was picturing my future self, where I wanted to be and what kind of person I wanted to be, from there write down some goals and a plan of what you need to do to get there. Learn more about this addiction and take steps towards becoming that person you want to be.

I believe in you my guy, lets make 2022 your year to kick this habit!!