Porn is not an option


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Thank you @GBS. :)

You inspire me as well.

“People of great achievement access their brains the same way addicts do.” –Patrick Carnes

In order to achieve great things, people must have an intense focus and passion that allows them to, at least temporarily, block out everything else. This is very much what we have done when our addictive thoughts and urges have taken over. Once we find sobriety and the life balance that comes with recovery, we have the ability to achieve great things by transforming our destructive addictive system into a creative and focused one.

Stein, Timothy. Gifts of Recovery: Daily Meditations for Men and Women in Recovery from Sex & Porn Addiction (p. 272). Kindle Edition.

This is a great reading today, it shows how important it is to use all that energy we've been using for our porn habit and transfer it into something productive and virtuous for our lives.

Can you find something you're as "passionate" about as scrolling hour after hour after that perfect shot? Figure out what that is and get on it with all the intensity of your former addiction!

Let's kill it out there today.


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Well done Blondie, one year porn free Is just around the corner, keep pushing my man, you got this 🏆.


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Day 355

Last night I accidently might of saw a random porn picture online. I say "might of" because I sure as hell wasn't looking for it, but whatever flashed up as an ad (might of been porn or a porn cartoon) I instantly looked away and closed the tab. On one hand I find it crazy that something like this can just pop up and it's practically normal these days, but on the other, I understand it's the world we live in so I knew eventually it was going to happen. Ironically this would happen right before my year free of porn.

I felt absolutely no urges whatsoever afterwards so that's good. But goddamn, fuck the normalization of porn!

You all have a great porn-free weekend.


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Nearly a year, my friend, nearly a year. That’s just brilliant. Here’s a question? To what extent do you thinking your journaling got you here? We all owe @Gabe Deem big time for this forum. He, doubtless, and you too doubtless, will say it’s about the community….which of course it is. But our community doesn’t exist without Gabe nor does it really work if there aren’t people writing really helpful stuff.

Keep going pal. Starting to get the ingredients together for your cake!


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Day 356

Thank you @GBS, I really appreciate it.

That's a great question. Journaling here has helped me tremendously over the last 9 months. Although I have been here once before, I was a man all alone in this struggle, and as we all know, I eventually blew it after 500 something days. This time around seems different, and I can't help but think a big part of my success is being here and writing out my daily thoughts and reflections. I wouldn't call myself a loner in my real life (I can be quite social), but maybe a lone wolf, who's pretty confident by what he can do with only his sheer willpower, thus, the Blondie avatar! But what I've learned is even a lone wolf needs a tribe and that's nothing to be ashamed of.

What's so great about RN is the camaraderie shared between us and the brotherhood (plus some sisters!) that keeps me accountable. What's more, trying to help my fellow brothers in figuring out their relapses has helped me understand my own relapses and psychology in my past, and what I must do to keep myself clean for my future. Just writing daily has helped me articulate my thoughts and what exactly I think about this or that - all positives to be sure.

As far as my writing goes, I'm glad you like it. It's been fun to write and hopefully help some people along the way. I write what I would like to read, so that's all I can say about that. Some of it might be good, maybe a lot of it bad lol, but it's fun nonetheless, however, I'm sure a real poet might say otherwise! ;)

So yes, thank you @Gabe Deem, thank you for starting this amazing community.

You all have a great porn-free Sunday!

Addendum: that cake sounds great! 🎉 🎂🎂
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