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Congrats to you my friend. You're journey has been a major source of inspiration to many, myself included. You're diligence in not only your own recovery, but pretty much every other members of RN, is beyond impressive. Your support is infectious across the entire community.

Celebrate today, and know that many of us are grateful for your presence and support. I feel like I'm the best version I've been of myself in a very long time, and your blueprint for recovery has been a big part of that. Proud of you brother. Keep fighting.


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Day 360!

I can't believe I'm here. :cool:

Thank you @GBS! Waking up this morning to that beautiful cake you made, I damn neared cried! Thanks brother. You always inspire. I'll turn on the fax...📠

Thank you @Skittelz! Keep fighting the fight brother. You always inspire. I love how you're putting in the work to deal with your past. We all could learn something from you. Thanks

@Beautiful1973 Thanks for the encouragement. I can always instantly tell when a woman is behind the screen typing, especially around these parts! ;) The empathy of the feminine spirit is strong in your post, keep it up! Naturally, your picture helped me as well lol

@Ezel No no no, you're the man. ;) Thanks for all of your encouragement and strength. You have great things in store for you. You always inspire king Ezel. Keep killing it, and keep burning those boats! 🔥🚣‍♂️🚣‍♂️🔥

Thank you @Onmyway19! That was a wonderful comment, I don't know what to say. You've been very inspiring to me as well. I love how you always keep it real - that shows real strength. I'm so happy for you and the new life you're making for yourself. Keep killing it brother. One day at a time.

Thank you @swimmer97! You alreadly have an impressive run going yourself my man. Keep it up.

Well I have busy day ahead of me, so I don't have much time for anything else - just the way it should be. :cool:

What a great place RN is!


Congrats on such a milestone and genuine accomplishment, @Blondie! I'd tell you to keep kicking ass, but I'm not sure you know how to do anything but that anyway. Seriously though, excellent work, you're an inspiration for so many. Much respect brother.


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Day 361

@WinkTinkTillium: That meme made my day yesterday! I laughed so hard I spit out me tea. :cool: Thanks man for your encouragement.

Thank you @PrometheusUnbound. You're an inspiration to me as well. I love the self-reflection you're always engaged in.

@Dungalef. Thanks man. I do what I can I do. Reading your last few posts I can tell your resolve is very strong. You got this brother!

@EarthWalker. Thank you! Thanks for inspiring me. Keep it up man!

@Warhawk88 Thank you. Keep killing it brother, you're kicking ass as well.

Thanks @innocence1. Yes a new life is what this is all about! Have a great one.


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Day 362

Thanks @downhillfromhere, I really appreciate it.

It's funny, I get to a year, and all I want to do is get to another milestone... I still feel I have much further to go to be completely healed from this bullshit. I've always said two years is my goal point to mostly call myself "healed", but who knows, maybe when I get there, I'll be saying three. The biggest thing that I find difficult is knowing what is "normal" in my life and what is not. I'm feeling down today - and the last few days in general - is this because of my recovery, or am I just experiencing real life and some things I've been thinking about recently? Honestly speaking, after only one year out from ground zero, how the hell could I presume to know what NORMAL is? I'm sure I'm closer to it than I was at 3 months, but do I really know? Can I honestly say with absolute certainty? I seriously doubt it.

It's like living in Plato's analogy of the cave, or in modern parlance, The Matrix, where what we think is "real" is so far from the truth, that we're practically living in a complete and utter dream state. For all I know, I'm just warming my hands by the fire to catch my breath, before I make my final ascent to the top.


Fuck all of this shit boys and girls. I WILL get to the top, even if I have to lose everything in the process.

Trust me, don't be tempted by "beautiful" shadows of vases, horses and birds, for they are nothing but illusions and smoke and mirrors, the nasty beautiful truth lies beyond, far beyond our wildest dreams.

Have a good porn-free weekend everyone.
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Fuck all of this shit boys and girls. I WILL get to the top, even if I have to lose everything in the process.

I love this mindset. It may sound extreme to some, but it's really the only way to think if you have a goal that you MUST meet. There might be consequences to reaching success, and that's ok, because goals WILL be met, and that's where your true values lie.

Have an awesome weekend brother.


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Day 363

Thank you @Warhawk88
It may sound extreme to some, but it's really the only way to think if you have a goal that you MUST meet.
Yes exactly!

I find this to be true with porn and just any goal in life in general. No one gets to Everest without making sacrifices. You have to make gigantic changes to accomplish something, anything in this life, so the question always comes down to, how bad do you want it?

Best brother!

Thanks @TryingHarder.
I look forward to celebrating that next April.
Hell yeah. I can't wait myself. :cool:

Keep up the fight Tryingharder!

I had a good reading today in my book, I thought I'd share.

Sobriety is about what you don’t do. Recovery is about what you do. –Therapy lesson

Some people think of sobriety and recovery as the same thing. This is simply not true. Sobriety is about what we do not do. We do not drink, or gamble, or look at porn, or take drugs, or whatever our addictive behaviors may be. We can successfully stay sober and still our lives can be in chaos. Unlike sobriety, recovery is about what we do: acknowledging our mistakes, making amends, balancing family and work life, meditating, connecting with and trusting our higher power. Sobriety rarely resolves chaos. Recovery always does.

Stein, Timothy. Gifts of Recovery: Daily Meditations for Men and Women in Recovery from Sex & Porn Addiction (p. 278). Kindle Edition.
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