im in the last few minutes of the game and want to give it my last shot!

i have been a few months off this tread. for most of the last 5 months i have been on and off porn, more binge porn at times- like once a fortnight binge. It effects my labido with my parternas i feel like in a permanent flatline. but there are many positives. I am now instead of an alcoholic, im a binge drinker with porn- so its a move in the correct direction- i will beat this
Hi dude, binge drinking does not help your sexual drive or for you to have a feel good factor as alcohol is a depressant. Drinking heavily definitely will not help to have a good sex life.

Always try to do things to raise your heart rate a little, like going a brisk walk or do some swimming, or lift some weights. This will help with endorphins and your body to get used to a workout which in a way mimics having sex.

Watching porn definitely does affect us mentally as we then see imperfections in partners compared to the attractive actress in the best camera angles and video edited etc. So try to gradually reduce watching it.

The big thing I found was masterbating using my own hand and my technique, because nobody could do it as good as me, which defeats the purpose of having sex with a partner. So try either using sex toys or just letting things occur naturally through a wet dream.

Always be confident in yourself, be comfortable with who you are, nobody is the master of sex, we are all learning.
i wonder if there is a real end game. will i actually reboot fully? like is that even possible? to fully reboot and leave PMO behind? who knows
Try not to think too much about it. I am an over thinker too. But the best thing is to relax, try set small goals first. And hopefully you can keep building to your ultimate goal?
i feel good today. no pron for a while. and been having cold showers. i feel good today and on the way to recovery
That good to hear you are feeling better, keep up some type of cardio exercise if you can. Doesn't have to be high heart rate even just walking, swimming or cycling


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Since the start of 2024- I have gone 4 days PMO but all the other 60 odd days I have abstained. I feel accomplished but there is room for improvement


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Reflecting on February- 27 out of 29 days complete. Currently I feel like a volcano ready to explode and I am starting to have sex dreams which is nice. But I still resist the urges.


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I feel the discomfort of withdrawals. It is hard to deal with but I am replacing it with dopamine activates from the real word. I am pushing through the discomfort.