im in the last few minutes of the game and want to give it my last shot!

Sorry to hear that brother - but just one PMO in over 30 days is amazing progress
Wanna talk about what happened - or are you just getting straight back on the horse with no fuss?
You got this! 💪


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i am a bit flat after thw weekend my mind saw that i was approaching the day 31 mark which is my equal record, and my mind just exploded and tricked myself to PMO....its like it refused to pass my dissapointed in myself because its like my mind doesnt want me to get rid of this addiction......but i start again. I downloaded a new browser which bypassed my porn blocker and binged a couple of times during that im back to square one.
Yeah funny about the idea of passing your previous streak - our minds can play all sorts of tricks on us
But one relapse does not undo all the progress you have made
Straight back on it brother - I'm rooting for you! 💪


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Hey Hamilton8!

The important things is that you (indeed) got back on the horse. Relapses are a part of the journey and they will happend! This is something we should accept. But only as long as we're willing to learn from them so that next time we can improve.

Keep going, we're rooting for you


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today is no porn day 7...i feel like i am proud of getting back on the horse from my recent binges....and on the straight and narrow again. i feel proud of myself, as i could have easily given in....since the new year, i went 31 days nofap...then relapsed for one day. then went another 31 days nofap...then went on and off for another month, then i binged for the last 2-3 im happy i have got back onto the horse.