Anxious thing


Hi. So i was binge watching porn for about a weeks or more. And i do masturbate like twice a day among those days. Now i just stopped for about 1 day and feel anxious. Really anxious. I feel afraid of something but i don't know what i'am afraid of. My body doesn't feel well, i have a sleep problem. I know that it is all because my stupid behaviour, but is there anything i can do that at least make things less worse or better?
Hi stay strong and yeah the anxiety is normal on the first days and what I recommend you to do in order to feel a little bit better on my humble opinion is to do something like a simple walk or some kind of exercise also you can have some meditation and think about your strategies or the motives of why you are doing this in order to don't feel you are giving up something or making a sacrifice by abstaining from porn or masturbation because it is not a sacrifice you are not giving up something there is nothing to lose from porn and everything to win without it. have peace bro¡¡