Let's begin a new journey

Hi mate!
"One controls us, the other allows us to be in control". This is 100% what I think, to be honest, I would rather suffer than lie to myself by thinking: "I am in control". We can't both want to keep addictions and try to escape them.

I am wondering, why do you guys post here?

For me, the first reason is to remind me that I am not done yet. I still have a long way to recover from this addiction, and maybe I will never be fully recovered. Because the reward circuit wasn't made for supernormal stimulus. Writing and sharing are also a means to highlight and recognize the truth: PMO is painful and useless. Life is so much easier without it. The only moment we think the opposite is when we crave sexual content.

The second reason is that I can find good tips from long recovered bros and see what's their mindset for a sustainable recovery.

Anyway, good luck brothers on your path, never forget to stay on your guard. Our brain is made to seek P.
Hey boys, didn't post here for a long time. As always I will say that I am still an addict. Even if think that I am less and less sensitive to over-sexualized content. The truth is that we can't control our feelings, avoiding urges is impossible. The only thing we can do is acknowledge our feelings even if it's painful. It has been only 40 days since my last relapse. It's only 1% of the time spent on P.

Currently, I am focusing on doing what is really important to me. At the moment, everybody says I have so much energy. Even if it's good news, I need to stay on my guard. Because it's when we think that everything will stay fine that an accident happens. Prepare in good periods and hope in bad periods. As humans, our natural state is to seek pleasure in easy things such as P, food, drugs ... But they are not pleasurable in the long run compared to doing hard endeavors. We all know deep inside what we should do or not. The question is: Are we ready to stop our habits and launch a new life that is uncertain?

The problem is above the belt. Dopamine is the enemy
Thanks for the motivation bro !:)

Yesterday I was anxious before sleeping. I was close to having a panic attack. It's a good sign, it shows that I have begun to recover really from P addiction. Even if I know that there is no end to the reboot. Late I have been looking forward to volunteering and I donated blood. I have to stay on my guard, I can still watch women for too long.

Good luck my friends in your recovery

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I have to stay on my guard, I can still watch women for too long.

Yeah I hear that one. I still occasionally struggle with this
Hey bros !
I have had a wet dream this night and i have being very tired lately. There are still a lot of work to do ! But this is why it feels good. There is always hope for improvement
WOW I haven't post for 2 weeks. I Thought I did it recently.
At the moment I have been clean for 2% of the time spent on P and to be honest, who cares about our streak? Being free is what matters the most. You don't want to say that you have a streak of 1 year but you are still struggling with urges.
Anyway i will watch again the video of Gary Wilson, staying aware of the addiction is important :)
Ok Like every other relapses, I learned from it. I feel really ashamed and full of guilt after PMO. But after I have taken the habit to always reflect on what happend. And as always i become stronger and P has less and less effect on me. I think the reason of this relapse is that I was just too horny. Before it my point of view on p was that i am just addicted to it and that I have no control. Indeed it's true, we have no control over our behaviour once the craving remplace our consciousness. It's a supernormal stimuli and the only thing that is pleasurable is P unless we starve the addiction for a moment.

But now my mindset changed. I think we have control before the sad event and this is this moment that is the most powerful to act and prepare for the addction's call. To beat this addiction, we have to be pro-activ. We must work both on the addiction and our dreams.
It might sound weird but I think that ejucalting is not the only way to get rid of an excess of libido. I think that being a man means giving without expectation. Sperm isn't the only thing we can give and a screen can't receive our gift 😆
I definitely relapsed. I did it again today. I thought that I was fine after 80 days but i am not. I started dating apps and with all the hot pics i did PMO again. I think i will go back to my old habits when I started my last streak. Every evening I will post on this forum, I will get seak for some informations.
DAY 1: I am clean. I try to think of something disgusting everytime I find myself fantasizing about something. I am feeling really down right now
DAY 2 : YO. Today I am happy I told my feelings to a close female friend of mine. I asked her if she sees me as a friend. And obviously she said yes.
Now things are less ambiguous, it feels good.
Day 3 : My vision of P addiction and of life in general has change a lot since the beginning of the year. To be honest, now I feel less guilty when I relapse. Because feeling bad isn't a reason to feel worse. The time after fapping is the best moment to act and reflect on what happened. Being a victim won't help anybody. Of course PMO can have awful impact on your life but what we should focus on is why we do it and why is it so important that we write on a forum.

I hope I will never do it but I believe in myself that relapse will never be a reason to victimize myself