Can anyone help me?


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I have been addicted to porn since I was a child, and this is the first time I have ever said it (even though its not out loud). I am 34 now, with a perfect career, an amazing wife and 3 beautiful children, and somehow I'm still the same addicted little boy I was 25 years ago. I won't go into my childhood on the first post, if that's okay, I'm just here for some help. I feel like giving up, but don't want to hurt my family.

Nobody else in my life knows about my problem, even my therapist. I have been in counselling for well over a year now and have managed to hide it in there. I feel so alone, like I've got this haunting shadow that terrifies me every time porn enters my mind. I just want some peace.

I have never gone more than 3 weeks without giving in. I feel weak, ashamed and right now I am at my lowest. Please help me, and if you made it this far, thankyou for reading.



The power it has is embarrassing and makes you ashamed. Admitting that you have a problem is a huge step. That one thing really helped me. One day at a time. You are not alone. There are several online resources available that can aid you as well.
You can do it man. i didn’t realize how addicted to porn I was until I stopped and thought about trying to go without it and realized it felt impossible. I’ve tried and failed countless times in the last year to give it up, never getting more than 16 or 17 days.

I’m 24 days clean of porn and 9 since I last masturbated. hoping I can keep up the full no PMO for a while, but the porn is absolutely something I never want to go back to.


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Hi Jo,
Sure, theres lots of people on here that would love to help you! This addiction doesnt discriminate and Im sure theres many in a similar situation as you.
As youve attempted this before I assume youre already familiar with the principles of rebooting? It can all be found elsewhere on this site, theres a treasure trove of priceless info here. Also the book, Your Brain on Porn is a great resource.
Do you know what it was that broke those three week streaks that you mentioned? Obviously jerking your cock off to porn, but can you remember any particular trigger? Identifying the triggers is a very powerful weapon against this; if you can predict that something might serve as a trigger to PMO then you can avoid it completely.
Youll have to try and pinpoint exactly what happens around that three week mark and thatll help you to fix it and go further.