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This is very true. I was an intermittent user for years, and the problems I now have are plenty serious. The problems don't just come if you do it every day.


Today I begin to believe 100% in this article that was made a few years ago in Your Brain on Porn:

To those who are relapsing after "pauses" of several weeks or months, I recommend that you first: read this article by Your Brain On Porn, And Second: Read my publication in my diary:

I respect very much the different opinions on the matter because each brain is different. However, based on my personal experience as a PMO User, the worst mistake I've ever made is doing "PAUSES OR STREAKS" for all of my 30s. Streaks in my experience worsen the collateral damage left by PMO addiction (PIED, PREMATURE OR DELAYED EJACULATION, PELVIC PAIN, LOW BACK PAIN AFTER ORGASM, FLATLINE).

So if you are out there in PMO again, make the decision to stop RIGHT NOW. After that it may be too late for an easier recovery.

What I write here has been based on my experience.
Hi were you recovered of PE?i need a highlight about it.


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I've been trying to get sober from PMO for many years and never saw this before (that intermittent use is no better than daily use!) But my experience has proven that this is 100000000% true for me. I always wondered why I went down so far after a relapse, but this article you referenced explained it fully. Thanks for posting this!