Coming to terms


Hello everyone

Today is day 25 and it a day of pain.

Today I come to the realization of what and where my addiction has led me and the pain it has cause numerous people I love.
Today I realized that my relationship with my wife is more than likely not going to survive, I realize that I have lost my best friend my soulmate.
Today I realize the hurt, the damage, and the loss that I have caused my family.
Today I morne,
Today I must come to terms that with what has happened so I can start to heal me.

Today is Day 25.
It’s a new day and I have not had any relapses. I stay dead fast with my resolve to keep this Demond at bay. It will not define me.
I am the one that will rewrite my future.
I am strong.
I am a good person
I am not perfect
I hurt and I struggle
But I will win this battle because of what I am inside and because I still have to be the man I need to be for ones I love.

Today is the I won my soul back.

P.S. stay strong we can and will beat this addiction